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Patricio Ginelsa (Writer/Producer/Director)

Patricio Ginelsa is originally from Daly City, CA, where he started making video movies with his neighborhood at the age of 13. It was John Singleton's 1992 film "Boyz N The Hood" that inspired Patricio to pursue a serious career in filmmaking at the University of Southern California where he graduated with a BA in cinema production. During college, Patricio worked part-time as a segment writer for an American-based Filipino show called "Pinoy Pa Rin" interviewing Filipino community leaders and celebrities.

After secure jobs at Paramount Pictures and Columbia Tri-Star, Patricio has chosen the starving "indie" filmmaker route. Starting as a production intern, Patricio became the Associate Producer of the award-winning film "the Debut". It is here that he assisted in its theatrical self-distribution all over the country, driving his car cross-country and outreaching to the Filipino community. Patricio also served as supervising producer of its DVD special features. He wrote and directed the feature-length video movie "LUMPIA" (2003 Hawaii International Film Festival, 2004 Toronto ReelWorld) which received a rave review from Variety. Aside from the Black Eyed Peas, Patricio has directed music videos for the PACIFICS ("Especialty") and InnerVoices ("U Don't Have 2 Worry", "S.O.S."). He continues to develop other projects under Kid Heroes Productions while residing in the Los Angeles area
Website: www.KidHeroes.net